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Medical Director

After completing her primary medical education in Mumbai, Dr. Shetty set out to explore the world of aesthetics. Her first encounter with the field was when she was fresh out of medical school and decided to pursue a Diploma with one of the leading experts in the country. She knew instantly that this was her calling. She then completed her Masters in Clinical Dermatology from Wales, UK where she was exposed to international standards of practice and patient care. She also got her Fellowship in Aesthetic Medicine from an American Academy to understand principles of Cosmetic Dermatology better and ensures she keeps up with recent advancements in the field.


She uses her education, practical knowledge, and global exposure in the field to educate and help her patients navigate their way to not just better skin but also a better lifestyle, one step at a time. Dr. Shetty is extremely patient in understanding her patients’ concerns in-depth and also looking at their skin’s past and educating them while helping them maneuver their way to the best versions of themselves, both, internally and externally. She believes in a holistic approach where she takes into account lifestyle, diet, hormonal profile, and how they all affect not just your internal health but also your skin. Whether you are someone who is completely new to skincare or a skincare enthusiast, she will hold your hand and guide you through the entire process.She believes in not just superficially treating your skin but making sure she can execute management in a way that causes molecular changes resulting in long-term benefits more than shot-term satisfaction

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